I did something that did not work in previous versions of Art Rage. I was able to install Art Rage directly into the Fedora Design Suite operating system using the WINE application. This latest version 30 of Fedora Design Suite works good, bringing up an Art Rage icon in the program menu under WINE. In the past Fedora operating system versions, to get this working using WINE I had to dig into a separate hard drive or another partition within the same hard drive and navigate directly into Art Rage installed in the Windows operating system program directory. At this point I would need to right click on the ArtRage.exe file and choose WINE to open the program. From there I would have to create a link to the Ambient Design folder and then have to search within for the .exe file to avoid having to navigate directly into the Windows operating system partition every time I wanted to open the program in Fedora or AV Linux. The link would not open with WINE directly from the .exe file.
This procedure for opening the Art Rage program was something I became used to in previous versions despite the round about inconvenience. Now with Fedora Design 30 I was able to install the program directly into the Fedora operating system using WINE with Art Rage in the menu of WINE within the programs section of options, opens this way like all the other programs in Fedora. Really like this feature, far more normal for starting up the Art Rage program, also allowing more freedom on a computer for use. Of course there is always the possibility that it worked this way in previous versions some other way yet I was unable to figure it out.

For anyone interested in trying this, if you go to the Fedora labs and download a live version of Fedora Design Suite 30 and use a live thumb drive or DVD you will not have the WINE application programs necessary on the live iso. After installation through a live iso of Fedora Design Suite 30 (or the alternative Fedora Workstation 30), you will need to access the repositories on-line and install the WINE applications. For me personally I have no computer access for repositories and use the alternative method of buying burned discs of the operating system and complete repositories at www.osdics.com. The dnf repositories need to be installed into the operating system home directory using command line and a terminal. Instructions are included on the repository discs.

Art Rage is definitely the best proprietary software for digital painting and drawing offering more choice and freedom with operating systems. I have no problem with Windows 10, Art Rage works very well on that operating system. Windows 10 is a very good operating system, best I've experienced since XP. Of course being off-line with a desktop running Windows 10 may be the reason I have no problems, a lot of computer talk shows on the radio have laid some heavy criticism on Windows 10, most seem to be security issues using on-line with the internet.

I personally love the way Art Rage runs on Fedora Design Suite 30 along with Windows 10 on the same desktop computer, variety is the spice of life.