HI All, I am in the midst of working out a licensing agreement. This company wants all my files to be able to print as large as 40x60. So as far as original oils go that will be dealt with with the camera obviously.. but is it possible to do that with artrage for digital paintings? I am really new to this digital painting but am Loving playing with it... so it is a learning curve all the way around in this digital realm coming from years as a traditional painter!

I have artrage 6 on my mac... using astropad to send it over to my ipad.. and it just seems so cumbersome to do larger canvases with brush limitations etc.

So Is this possible? I sure hope so as I can get SO much more accomplished being able to work away from the studio when necessary! If so can someone explain this to me? I was reading something about maybe using scripts to paint smaller then redo on a big canvas ? Not sure..??

Thank you in advance from a girl that has too many learning curves going on at once!!!!