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Thread: Tablet pen shortcuts ?

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    Tablet pen shortcuts ?


    I often use PS and Artrage, and they do have shortcuts with the tablet pen to increase brush size (Alt right clic and move pen left or right), zoom on the canvas (Ctrl space and move pen left or right), move the canvas (space and move pen around), etc...

    Do we have the same thing in Artrage? I read the Help manual but could not find it.


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    Hello OldLink,
    How much of this could be applied to other tablet makes I donít know but hereís an old post I made some time back about how I have my Wacom set up:

    Yes, in AR holding Shift while click-dragging Left/Right will change the brush size.
    Some other useful standard ArtRage object manipulation shortcuts are;
    To Pan the canvas hold down the Space bar + click-drag on the canvas.
    To Zoom the canvas hold down Command/Ctrl + Space bar + click-drag Left/Right on the canvas. (Only downside to this AR default shortcut is that on Macs this is also the System shortcut to toggle keyboard language layout!)
    Holding down the Option/Alt key and dragging Up/Down on the stencil lets you rotate it.
    Holding down the Command/Ctrl key and dragging Left/Right on the stencil lets you resize it.
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