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Thread: Pencil is multicolored?

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    Pencil is multicolored?

    Hello, I need some help please!

    I just upgraded to v6 recently and after the 6.0.7 update, suddenly when I am using the pencil it comes out with a tan coloring underneath my selected color, no matter what color it is.
    This does not appear to be happening with other tools, except the watercolor brush sometimes is looking to have a similar effect. I am hoping it is simply that I am missing something incredibly obvious, but I have gone through every settings area that I can think of to have that sort of effect. Also it changes colors when moving over different colored areas (I recall encountering this in v5 and was able to adjust it, but I seem to have forgotten..)

    I feel like I remember a multi-color setting somewhere in a previous version, but perhaps I am thinking of something else.
    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    Hello Guarlok and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    The first thing that springs to mind is that you might have a Tracing Image loaded? And that is where your pencil is getting it’s colour from, as it is possible to have a Tracing loaded but hidden.
    Open the Tracing Panel and if there is an image already loaded, click the Menu icon at the top of the panel.
    In the fly-out menu that opens, see if; ‘Automatically choose colours from tracing image’ is selected and has a tick by it.
    If it is selected, click on it again to deselect it.
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    Hi Mark, and thank you for your reply!

    You are correct, I do have a tracing image loaded, and it does look like the auto choose color was active. When I turned it off though and move the color to solid black, there still appeared to be a lighter color laying beneath the black. It looks almost as though the tilt is taking on a different color from the main selected color. I ended up reinstalling the program and it looks like for now it is not having that issue, perhaps something just had not installed properly on my computer? Either way, thank you for your response and I appreciate the tip about the auto color selection!

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