Hi guys and gals,

This is my first post here since I can usually find a solution to my ArtRage problems on the forums but alas not this time. I've had ArtRage for a good while now and its been great, I love using it! I run the Lite version because it does what I need and frankly I can't yet afford the better version!

The issue I'm experiencing is ArtRage suddenly giving up on me and reading as "Not responding". It doesn't fully crash out, it stays up on my screen but I cant do anything with it other than close the program. It was working fine before then this started about a month ago and its very frustrating to lose work because of this (anything I hadn't previously saved gets lost in the process). It also seems to be completely random as far as I can tell, sometimes it goes days of use with no issues and then it will do this to me 3 times in an hour, or anything in between. I'm not using different tools or running any different software at these times and I keep my ArtRage and tablet driver up to date.

I know I could just save really regularly, which I am trying to do, but it would be great to not have this happen since its so disruptive to my work flow.

Thank you in advance for any advice and ideas, I'd really appreciate any help!

Computer details are as follows:
Graphics: GTX970 4gb
Processor: I7 5820K
OS: Windows10 x64