I've uploaded a new ArtRage 6.0.7 build with a bunch of fixes:
  • Reference image location persistency: On OSX Retina Macs reference images may load at the centre of the canvas
  • Reference Image sampling when zoomed in: On OSX Retina Macs reference images may sample incorrectly when contensts are zoomed/panned
  • Improved circle and square outline cursor visiblity on Retina displays
  • Increased control handle size for pespective editing on Retina displays
  • Increased control handle size for translation operation on Retina displays
  • Improved contrast and rendering of selection set 'crawling ants' on Retina displays
  • 'Narrow Mode' option removed from menu for Colour Swatch collections panel. (It's not a dockable panel so that shouldn't have been there...)
  • Fixed Sticker Brush variations panel highlight cricle in Lights Out mode.
  • Dragging a layer to the top of the layer stack, especially if there was a group at the top of the stack, may fail on Retina displays. Fixed that.

And changed the way perspective snap works. There are two modes for perspective snap now:
Perspective guide snap - snap to the closest perspective guide. This is how ArtRage 5 works
Stroke Direction snap - snap toward the direction of the vanishing point (or vertical, or horizontal) depending on the stroke direction. Allows for fast sketching of simple perspective shapes without having to set up a rig.
To see how the perspective stroke direction snap works, add a default two-point perspective empty then draw in strokes in the general direction of your vanishing points.
You can use Stroke direction snap with Perspective grid snap - if there's a grid line within snap distance the tool will snap toward it. If there are no grid lines the tool will snap to direction.
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