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Thread: color wheel in dock mode?

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    color wheel in dock mode?

    I still have AR 5, but I wanted to ask is there a way to have the color wheel in dock mode. The square color pick WOULD be ok if it were not so tiny, I can hardly make a move inside that thing without going too far... on the color wheel I can make more precise movements....
    (and before anybody tries to go into: there are different modes, like LS/H, HL/S....etc, to choose color, I am aware of that, my only concern is the SIZE of the color thingies )

    Or does it look bigger on AR6? that would be an improvement and a reason for me to purchase 6....

    It would be nice if this color picking thing (wheel or square) would have the option to change its size anyway....

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    I agree AR5 and AR6 do not present a color wheel which is usable for subtle color adjustment.

    I have posted something about this previously but I have gotten no feedback as to whether this will ever be improved.

    The only thing we can do in the meanwhile is to create color samples, manually, before hand... then use them to paint with...
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