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Thread: Guess the artist

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    Guess the artist

    Hello ,
    Can someone figure out who made this?
    thank you

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Couldn't tell you. Also the glare and angle makes it tough to do a Google Images search. But academic looking charcoal drawings of this style look like they're possibly from the 40s (King and I, South Pacific, Flower Drum Song and all that fascination with Pacific and Asian looks). But the style looks Western (vs. Eastern) and it might predate the assimilation of the styles with knock offs from around the late 60s and later. And being a drawing I don't know they would have knocked it off because it would have had a lower price tag than a painting. I don't recognize the signature, although they look pro rather than a student because of it, not to mention the direct indication marks (un-fussy).

    In short, I have no idea who did it. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to hear a Hollywood artist did it on his own to keep his chops up with figurative work.
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    I think your key comment is academic. I could not make head or tails of the signature. The model is asian. The pose is a typical classical pose and there is no emphasis on background or even on where she is placed in repose so I would "speculate" that is is a student study possibly, because of the quality, from an atelier. It wasn't originally intended for framing as you can see from the uneven gutters. Someone saved it though. Looks like it was loved.

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