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Thread: Artrage 6 palm rejection + tool size

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    Artrage 6 palm rejection + tool size

    I just purchased Artrage 6 (I own 4 and 5).

    The main reason for my purchase was the advertisement for touch management on Windows' tablets.

    I cannot find one Input Device combination that achieves palm rejection as I always paint with my finger.

    I do manage to zoom/rotate with my fingers.

    Note that I spent some time with one of you engineers a while back looking for solutions - you might have it on file.

    I am a tad frustrated is there a way out ?

    As a side note I wish, as many have asked in the past, to have an easier way to access a tool size (why not add it to the preset setting ?).

    My laptop/tablet is a Samsung notebook 9 pro 16'.


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    Since no one from ArtRage replied to you, my suggestion is to find something else.

    ArtRage's palm rejection do not work well with Wacom panels (all Samsung books and notebooks use Wacom panels). I have stopped upgrading it as I doubt they will ever address this issue. I've heard ArtRage works well with Surface, but that is it. Your best bet would be Leonardo for simpler drawings or Krita.

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    I honestly do not know whether it is because of a software modification or my changing hardware, but I now have a HW/SW combination which does properly handle palm recognition and allows me to use Artrage throughout my workflow.

    Very happy


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