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Thread: Art Rage 6 Win10 Intous P&T

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    Art Rage 6 Win10 Intous P&T

    Hey there,

    the eraser tip on my stylus does not properly work with the new Version of Art Rage. The program still detects the eraser tip but only when I make contact with the tablet instead of also tracking it smoothly when hovering over it. In previous versions it would track the eraser tip just as well as the drawing one. Driver's are up to date and I saw nothing that I could do within Art Rage 6 to change the setting. What else could I try to make my eraser work correct again?.

    Thank you

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    Thanks for the bug report. This was a tricky one to track down. On some machines the eraser tool wasn't updating its location data correctly when it was activated from the stylus eraser tip.
    This should be resolved in the next build of ArtRage, which I'm hoping to have online by the end of the week.
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    thank you very much!

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