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Thread: How to read or parse ptg files to access layer color info?

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    How to read or parse ptg files to access layer color info?

    Hi my first post here.

    I want to produce simple planting plans in Artrage - I have v6. Each planting type will be a separate layer in Artrage. I then want to parse the resulting colour layers to get the area (or percentage) of pixels in each layer and use the data to do some math to generate my plant lists (each layer would have a list of 1 to 10 plant species).

    To explain a bit further only painted areas will be considered data on a layer and I don't need to discriminate between shades or colours etc on any single layer as each layer represents a single planting type.

    Current workflow:
    I know I can do this from parsing sets of individual layers exported from a .psd file (using a perl script a friend wrote) but it would be much faster if I could read layer info direct from .ptg files. And if that were possible I could imagine have a perl script watch the drawing as I paint and build the plant list as I go - which would be awesome - but first the first hurdle.

    I haven't tried anything yet but would prefer a workflow using perl and\or Imagemagick but willing to consider other workflows like Python, R Project, Processing ...

    I see an old post with someone doing something a bit similar using Blender: Python-parser-for-arscript to access ptg info. Pain new users can't use url links in posts.
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