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Thread: The blossom of pomegranate

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    The blossom of pomegranate

    The blossom of pomegranate
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    Hey, I noticed no one responded to this piece. First I would go back and get your line drawing down to where you really like it--we all want to get to the painting because that is where the fun really begins. I am one of those people. Now this is just one way to do this but here is what I would do:

    Take your line drawing when complete--keep it as the TOP layer and set it to multiply

    all painting is done on lower levels.

    NEXT. Get rid of those whites. You want to tone down your canvas. I would work in inks by the way something not to heavy or watercolor. set your brushes to around 10 percent

    Lay a wash of your choosing for the background over the entire piece. If you are using a photo reference. pick the color from the background of the photo. Lock that layer

    make a new layer

    label this one skin paint every thing that is skin, again at 10 percent, blend mode normal and then lock transparencies. when you go back to paint you wont be able to paint outside the paint area, will save you some time.

    New layer--same for hair, same for eyes and so forth

    once you have all this set up--then tighten up your brush size and go back in and put in your details on each layer. hope this helps and sorry you did not get a response earlier.

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