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Thread: Reference & Control Panel Bugs in AR6

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    Reference & Control Panel Bugs in AR6

    First AR6 bugs! (Sorry Andy!)
    1: In past ARís when reopening a painting the reference panels would be placed where they were when the painting was last closed.
    I tend to keep reference images scattered around the edges of my screen but in AR6 when opening a painting they always open towards the centre of the screen and I have to drag them all back out of the way before painting.

    2: We are all used to how Reference panels disappear as we get close to them with a tool.
    But that distance before triggering seems to have got extended 3 or 4 times further at least. Itís distracting having things wink out and back again when Iím not even painting particularly close to them.

    3: The trigger zone around other tool panels, e.g Settings Panel, etcÖ seems to have shrunk when approaching them from the Left or Bottom sides. I now actually cross into panels before they vanish.
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    We're looking in to the reference image locations and I hope to be able to get a solution to that shortly. The distance before triggering the references issue has been fixed in our internal build now, it was only affecting Retina Mac builds, thanks for pointing that out!

    The other panels will hide when the centre of the cursor enters their area at the moment, will look in to that further though in case there are other problems.

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