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Thread: multi screen/Cintiq workflow issues - switch between paintings

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    multi screen/Cintiq workflow issues - switch between paintings

    hello there

    I m running an iMac, with a 2nd screen AND a 13" Cintiq. All my context menus show up SOMEWHERE on the main or 2nd screen but next to
    NEVER on the Cintiq. It is driving me mad. Anyone got any idea how to corral ArtRage to keep things JUST on the active monitor/Cintiq? That d
    be really great.

    Also if anyone would have a way to help me achieve hotkey/shortcut use to change from one document to the next /switch between
    multiple paintings, that d be super useful for me.

    Thank y´all

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    Hello whitebbwolf,
    If you go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts… and open the ‘Document Commands’ Tab, you can set a shortcut there to cycle through open paintings.
    Sadly as to your other query I’m not sure what the cure for that would be.
    I’ve only ever worked with 1 additional screen and any floating panels always opened where I had left them the last time. Sorry can’t be of more help.
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    thank you Mark. Its a start so thats one thing less to worry about

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    Hello, go to Preferences->Displays->Arrangement and relocate top menu bar to your secondary Cintiq screen. It will act as a primary display and all ArtRage windows will appear on desired positions.
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