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Thread: bug report - huion tablet 'switch tool' and eraser settings

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    bug report - huion tablet 'switch tool' and eraser settings

    Hi there,

    Quick (slightly weird) bug report for Artrage 5.0.8

    I recently had to buy a new tablet after my faithful wacom bamboo died, and have a huion h1060p which i am very happy with so far. getting it playing nice with artrage took a little fiddling with windows ink settings but it all seems good now.

    weird bug i encountered with the eraser tool, though. i have one of the pen buttons set to 'switch tool' in the huion driver settings, and when i'm drawing in artrage, pressing the button activates the eraser (the pen does not have a reversible/eraser, unlike wacom pens), and pressing it again switches back to the previous tool. which is exactly what i expected, which is cool. however, with my wacom tablet, when i had the 'eraser' enabled (using the eraser end of the pen), the tool settings on the bottom right of the workspace would show the eraser settings - it'd 'switch', and flip back to the brush i was using when i switched the pen back. this was both confirmation it was erasing and let me switch up the size/etc of the eraser i was using without having to switch tools 'normally'.

    however this doesn't seem to be the case with my current tablet - when pressing the button bound to 'switch tool', the bottom right settings show the pen/brush/etc i was using, and i have to select the eraser 'normally' (either through clicking on it or using the keyboard shortcut) to see the size/presets in the relevant windows. i also can't change the size of the eraser using keyboard shortcuts (which i have bound to buttons on the tablet itself) - if i use these while i have the eraser sort-of selected, it changes the size of the brush i was originally using.

    i'm running windows 10, and the newest version of the huion drivers for my tablet. if you need any more information on this let me know!

    (and while i'm here: thank you for this amazing program. i've been using artrage since about version 2 and i love it to pieces)

    edit: while i originally encountered this bug in version 5.0.5, i updated to 5.0.8 (apparently i'm blind and didn't notice the update). however the bug still seems to be present and correct in this version
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    Hi there!

    I'm not entirely sure what message Huion's 'switch tool' button will be sending to ArtRage, but a good first thing to check would be making sure that input settings in ArtRage are set to Realtime Stylus on and Wintab off.
    I've seen issues with the Huions where ArtRage is using the eraser when other tools are selected if different input settings are used, due to the type of information being sent by the tablet software.

    If this doesn't help, please email me at [email protected] and we can see what else we might be able to do to help.

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    thanks for the reply! yes, my artrage is set to wintab off/realtime on, and windows ink is enabled in the huion drivers, so the pressure is picked up by artrage too.

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    weirdly, when i've used the 'switch tool' button, if i pick another (non eraser) tool, artrage will show that in the bottom right/show that tool's presets etc, but still acts as an eraser (and with the current eraser tool settings) when used (unlike say krita, which changes the 'second' tool entirely). like the program 'knows' on some level it's in Eraser Mode, it's just not being followed through 100%

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