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Thread: Remember/Reset Current Brush Setting & the Importance of Custom Hotkeys

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    Remember/Reset Current Brush Setting & the Importance of Custom Hotkeys

    1) In Krita, there's a feature called "Temporarily Save Tweaks To Presets." No matter what I do to the current brush setting, I can always come back to that same brush and it will remember the tweak. The best part is that I can always reset the setting to bring it back to its default, anytime I want. Does ArtRage have anything like this?

    2) Of all the softwares I have used, Blender is extremely flexible when it comes to keyboard customization. Krita is not as flexible, but still good when compared to many others out there.

    On the subject of hotkeys customization, it might seem insignificant, but there are artists like myself out there who won't bother using a software if certain things can't be customized (I'm also aware that it's not possible to please everyone). I believe the reason for this is because there are people that use more than one software. If ArtRage is the only software an artist uses, then it's not that difficult to adjust/adapt to its system. But the mind gets confused easily when you are using more than one softwares and they all act differently. In that case, there are always third-party apps out there to remap hotkeys. But remapping is only possible IF the app you're targeting has a shortcut for a specific action. For example, I would like to map "Layer Panel" to F7. So I can toggle the layer panel on and off while painting. But ArtRage doesn't seem to have a spot for a hotkey. (Note: I might be wrong on this one since I'm still new to ArtRage and can't seem to find it, but you get my point).

    Another thing I would also like to modify is the mousewheel scroll up/down. I would like to reverse it since that's how it works on my computer, even in Krita. I have looked but still can't find it (maybe it's hiding somewhere). All this is to say that having a flexible customization system will allow other artists to jump into ArtRage without any hiccup. I spent all day yesterday just typing out script/trying to figure out a way to get ArtRage to function as close to Krita as possible, such as Canvas rotating/zooming/panning etc... So far so good. Just need to find a way to inverse the scrollwheel.

    EDIT: Found the Layer Panel. It's SHIFT+A (default).
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