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  1. Printed to canvas

    I have printed a couple of Artrage pieces on to canvas and very pleased with how they came out. The colours are fairly true to how they appear on screen. My canvas stretching ability leaves a lot to be desired though! I also applied a coat of acrylic medium over the print to give a little protection.

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    You do your own prints onto canvas ?

    I have used a printing company who are very reasonably priced. Would cost me more to print myself and limited to size by my printer.

    Welcome your feedback.


  3. Yes, I decided to print my own. I have quite a few stretcher bars around the studio as I sometimes prepare my own canvases for acrylic painting. I often produce prints of my paintings on paper and decided to try canvas.

    I have an Epson SC P600 printer, which prints up to +A3 (13 19") size and also takes media on a roll. I can produce prints 13" wide by up to 129". Not massive but it gives me an idea of how the paintings look printed out. I am thinking of getting a couple of larger canvases done at a local gallery. Having said that I find that with my acrylic work I sell more small to medium sized work because it is more affordable for buyers.

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    I have used past 4 years and found quick, high qualiy and good prices formy acrylics and Artrage work .

  5. Thanks for that info, I will check them out.

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    Looks terrific. Very dynamic! I'd say it makes it worth the effort, and the house will certainly look nicer with it on the wall I'm sure.
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