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Thread: Printing actual size

  1. Printing actual size

    Hi there, I have printed a few Artrage paintings out, directly from the software but the painting is printed smaller than the settings. I am using an Epson SC P600, 13 inch square paper (the painting is 12 inch square). I have unchecked the fit to page option.

    I am probably missing something really obvious but can't think what. Any suggestions please?

  2. I forgot to say that I have set up the painting to be 12 inch square at 400 dpi.

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    If it's printing smaller than you intended, it's probably because the printer is not printing at 400dpi, rather a larger DPI value.

    I believe it's possible with that printer to select the DPI, possibly related to quality settings in the printer software.

    If not, if you create your paintings at the same DPI value your printer uses, it should print out at the same size. There should be some information about what resolutions are available for the printer in the documentation or on Epson's website.

    I hope this is of some help!

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