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Thread: how to edit custom (print) size?

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    how to edit custom (print) size?

    Question is in the subject line:
    How to edit custom sizes. [Windows 10, AR 5.something]
    Sometimes I save a custom size and I save it wrong, with a wrong name or as a wrong size. How to edit them? *
    I mean screen or print size, when you go to presets, you can save your size as a new custom size. Nice, but when I saved it wrong, how to edit or delete a custom size?
    I searched the forum and seem not to know how to search, I found nothing. The question must have been asked before.

    *other than just deleting them under users/[name]/AppData/roaming/Ambient Design/ArtRage/content/Custom Sizes....

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    I go - Tools/Browse Content Folders/Size Presets Folder - you end up in the same place and then delete the unwanted presets.

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    Just what I was looking for. Your advice helped me delete a custom print size that I did no longer wanted. Thanks

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