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Thread: Issue with a script

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    Issue with a script

    Hey guys,

    looking for some advice or help, I recorded the script on a painting on my Samsung S2 using the artrage app, transferred it to the computer (WIN10) and tried to play it back in artrage 5 however it's playing back on the wrong layers so it's destroying the work. The original painting has multiple layers stacked under an outline layer which is on about 20% opacity, when played back it's creating the first two layers (the outline and the first paint layer) but then painting on the outline layer instead, the outline layer is no longer set with an opacity at all.

    I also noted the paint strokes are small and uneven, so not covering the area's they are supposed to.

    Any clues as to the problem, I never changed layers when paused or anything but the painting did take a long long time, probably 5-6 hours in total.


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    Hi Gen,

    Sorry to hear you're having problems. Could I get you to zip the script file and email it to us at [email protected] If you could also include an image of your final painting from your S2, that would be useful.

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