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Thread: Tilt and new Surface Pro pen

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    Tilt and new Surface Pro pen


    I am using ArtRage 5 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 with latest version of Microsoft Pen, and I have a few questions/issues:

    1. Tilt *seems* to work for pencil by default, but modifying the 'Tilt Angle' setting does nothing, or at least nothing that I understand.
    2. Previous posts about tilt support refer to some 'Stylus Settings' preference panel and even show some screen capture of it, but I cannot find that panel anywhere. Is it Mac only or something like that?


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    Tilt angle basically sets the minimum tilt angle of the pencil, so if you have a low tilt angle then make a stroke with your pencil perpendicular to the tablet surface, you'll get a narrow line, then if you tilt your stylus over you'll get a broader line. If you set tilt angle to 100%, then tilt will always be maximum regardless of stylus angle.

    In the settings panel, click the menu button at the top right, then choose 'set stylus properties' to change your stylus settings.

    I hope this helps!

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