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Thread: the palette knife rotation issue

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    the palette knife rotation issue


    been lovin artrage ever since i got #2 with a simple bamboo tablet years ago(now owning a huion gt156).
    Does anyone knows how the hell you control the rotation, besides locking it in setting and then adjusting the angle for every stroke you want??

    it seems like its following the vector of the stroke if its unlocked, as in automatic.

    does anyone actually have support for rotation in their pen and can comment that the knife can actually rotate on command??

    i just want to know if there's a shorter way to control rotation?

    the kind of art i'm interested, is very knife besides the fact that its incredible fun...


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    I use the palette knive tool all the time. I have the rotation locked in the settings, and control it through my pen (wacom pen tablet). I did not change any other settings in the program, so I have no idea why your pen would not be able to control the rotation...

    I am sure someone else knows, though. Good luck!


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    Hello rikus,
    I have to say experience is pretty much the same as TMUCW’s.
    I know the Bamboo’s don’t support tilt and rotation but dose your Huion tablet actually support them?
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    huion support them neither.

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    you mean huion does not have rotation support or tilt?
    I think the pro 12 has tilt. but not rotation.

    I think rotation is maybe only for wacom.

    I've sent them an email regarding.

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    They've answered me.

    if you want to have pen with rotation you must own a tablet that supports tilt!!!
    without tilt option in your tablet and pen features, the rotation pen lock wont work.

    ahh, i wish i knew I was going to use artrage so extensively before i purchased that tablet.

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