I am wondering what the “ideal” size or size range (pixel count) is for a canvas in order to get the best performance from my brushes. I know that when working on large canvases, the brushes can be too small relative to the scale of the canvas, and some can suffer lag or other issues at larger scales.Too small a canvas will not allow me to get the details I want.

I quite often work in an 8x10 format, so let’s use that as an example. Knowing that I can work at a lower pixel count, while recording a script that will allow me to render at a higher resolution later on the desktop version, what is the best pixel size to work in? I want an end result of 8x10 @600 ppi, or 4800x6000 pixels.

On a related question, what is the largest size jump I should attempt when upsizing via script? Will I start to see weird distortion or inaccurate reproduction if I start with too small an image, or attempt to go larger by too big a percentage, or is the process similar to vector-based art in that it will reproduce flawlessly at any scale?