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Thread: When can we expect an upgrade to Artrage for the iPad?

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    When can we expect an upgrade to Artrage for the iPad?

    I have an iPad 6th generation and the Artrage v2.3 I keep hearing about a version 5 out there for the computer. When can I see an upgrade to catch up (at lease a little bit) for my iPad? It's a little frustrating to see all the cool features, but I can't use them.

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    The mobile versions of ArtRage (both iOS and Android) are based on a subset of the features of the full product aimed at a lower price point and more at painting and sketching without the editing tools. We're not planning major feature additions at this time but we may look at adding some features in future updates. The tools in there will continue to receive fixes and improvements made to their existing functionality when we add those to the main products as well.

    The actual version number is a bit misleading, the Android version has the same features as the iOS version and is at version 1.3, and both versions are based on a later version of the main ArtRage toolset than their version numbers suggest.

    Hope that helps clarify!

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