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Thread: Bussines help.

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    Bussines help.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm thinking of starting a business and i would need some artists help. I'm currently just figuring everything out and just want to get some information. I would need some art pieces something like the images i provided. This line art style just popped into my mind, because i don't think "filled in" or coloured images would work, because these pictures would be sewn onto fabric. The lines could be coloured and not necessarily of the shape of animals, could be just some interesting and cool designs.

    I'm not much of an artist myself, so it would be perfect if the artist could come up with some ideas as well. I know this is kind of strange, and not well though out, but just looking for information regarding if people would be willing to do this sort of work, and how much could i expect to pay per one design?

    English is not my native language, so i'm sorry if the way i phrased everything is very confusing.

    Thank you all! … (could be more compex, just wouldn't want large areas of colour, because it would come out as hard patches of thread)
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    Actually, there are a lot of artists able to do this kind of work, you just need to ask folks on DeviantArt and so on. The price can be different though.

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