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Thread: Recorded Scripts are being glitchy...

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    Recorded Scripts are being glitchy...

    The recorded scripts are playing back funky. The latest one gets to 71% and then inverts the colors of the painting?
    Others recently have recorded when I use stencils but it doesn't remove/hide them as the script plays so the painting just keeps being painted with the stencil overlayed on the painting.
    I like to paint the paintings and then use the script to play it back so I can record the videos and discuss. Plus, it's nice to have it play at a different resolution so I can change the painting for printing.

    I'm using AR 5 Desktop, Windows 10.


    I can email the script to you if you want to review it.



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    I haven't heard of an inversion of colours in a script before but it's possible that there's an error in the recording that triggered something (if the entire painting inverted then it could be a blend mode issue on an upper layer).

    It would be extremely handy to take a look at the scripts. They may be too large to email, but if you zip them they should reduce in size significantly. If you can get in touch with us at [email protected] with a way for us to get them we'll take a look through them and see if we can work out what's going on. If you could also let us know if this has started happening recently or is something that you've noticed over a longer time that'd help.

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