I got the iPad Air and Apple Pencil 1st gen for Christmas and have been trying all the popular drawing programs, but since Artrage is my favorite on my desktop computer, I'm most comfortable with art rage. Now when I go back to the desktop version of Artrage, I'm just not able to draw with my Wacom Intuos Pro M. I've been using the lower end Wacom's for over 20 years. From teaching I realized that not everyone is comfortable with drawing on the tablet and seeing it appear on screen. That has never been a problem for me. I thought maybe it's because I'm using it with bluetooth. Tried connecting USB, and I think it's a little more responsive that way... or am I just spoiled by the apple pencil and don't like the wacom stylus. I just don't know.....
I'm thinking of downloading purchasing Astropad, so that I'm using my iPad and Apple pencil as an input device.

So I feel like I like the iPad for drawing, but I still like using my desktop computer. So perhaps I should download and use Astropad?

Has anyone else had this experience going from desktop to iPad?