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Thread: Tool Presets and Size - Is there a way to have them remember your last used size?

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    Unhappy Tool Presets and Size - Is there a way to have them remember your last used size?

    Just like the title. Is there a way to have tools remember the last uses size? Or do I need to create duplicates of every tool for my commonly used sizes when setting up my toolbox.

    I switch between tools often and it is annoying to have the always reset to 50%.

    Is there a setting or workaround to this that I am unaware of? I am on a Surface so the program acts as the desktop version so the three finger swipe to change size is not an option. Also, I work with just the tablet (no keyboard) so the hold down a key option doesn't really make work either.


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    It sounds like the presets you're loading have a set size associated with them.

    For ArtRage 4 or 5:

    When you create your presets, make sure that 'store size' is unchecked.

    Then whenever you switch to any of those presets, the tool will be at the size you last used it at.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if I misunderstood!

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    (seems like this did not post when I tried yesterday.)

    Thanks. I had read about that, but way to do this seemed inconsistent so I wasn't sure if it was intended. Some times the option 'add to toolbox' just adds the tool without giving you options, other times it asks you options but doesn't add the tool to the toolbox. In short, it seems there are many ways to do this, but it effort to not miss the options.

    Also, once added, I can't find a way to change the 'store size' option. So if I mess up and add the tool the wrong way, I have to start over from the beginning. This makes tool set up tedious. Maybe once I get my workspace setup how I like I wont even think about it again. But now 'workspace setup' is on my to do list separate from make art/have fun. It would be nice if the 'store size' option could be adjusted on the fly without having to re-create the tool. (i.e. if it was in with the other 'tool' settings.)

    Regardless, are there any touchscreen gestures to change the tool size on the windows version?

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    Add to Toolbox will do different things depends on where it's used. If you right click an existing Preset and choose to add it to the toolbox, that preset will get added as is, including any settings it stores regarding size and colour. If you choose to create a new Preset the Add to Toolbox option will add that Preset to the Toolbox once it has been created, which may be the difference you're seeing.

    There isn't a way to change the settings of an existing preset, but you can effectively edit one by selecting it to make it active, creating a new preset (which will have the settings associated with the one you just selected), and opting not to save tool size with the new one you created. It's not instant, but it's faster than trying to recreate the settings from scratch.

    There isn't a touchscreen gesture for tool size at this point.

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