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Thread: improve paintings

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    improve paintings

    I looking on how to better improve my skills. I posting my last two paintings #53 Mckaylee and #54 Laden
    #53 Mckaylee
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    #54 Landen
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	#54 Landen.jpg 
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    Happy young folks. Terrific memories. I believe you mentioned it in the other thread section that they eyes need a bit of shadow to round them a little? Is that what you were saying? You have it with his teeth and it looks great there. But with this style I don't personally have an issue with the eyes. It's overall got a somewhat moderately graphic feel so the lack of modeling the eyes is fine as far as I can see. But it would work nice if you have it as well. Your call. They sure project a happiness that transcends any specific technique. Good stuff.
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