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Thread: Massive Lag while painting

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    Massive Lag while painting

    yesterday i tried a quick painting from this image:

    i used this as tracing image with opacity of 64%

    Program used in fullscreen @: 3840x1600

    Windows 7 / x64
    AMD FX 6200 Six Core @ 3.80 GHz
    Ram 26GB
    Nvidia GTX 1060

    at all, best settings for a great Painting but---------> if i zoom or try to move the background while drawing i have a huge lag.

    any suggestions?


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    Cool painting!

    I would lower the resolution of the original. That way you can mechanically trace the overall shapes for basic placement and then refer to the original as needed. But as an artist you can paint in all the fine stuff. I haven't done this but you may also find that having the original open in a simple picture viewer and flip flopping or having the programs open side by side might work. But I've not tried it.

    Second idea, you can keep the resolution up, but chop your original into quarters (ie smaller pieces that show what you need to know) and import and discard them as needed when you have a particularly challenging area where you want to work out some details.

    I don't know everything about your setup, but am guessing that the resolution of the reference is really over-taxing your computer's power. And my suggestions are merely hacks until you get an answer from people that know what the program does better than I.
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    thanks for reply. normally i paint my images like you said. original (what ever) is opened with the easy windows picture viewer. and on the other hand the artrage itself with a plain canvas.
    i really wondered why it won't work smoove.

    my Resolution is not over taxing my computer. the Monitor is an LG 38 21:9 UltraWide Curved AH-IPS Panel and comes native with: 3.840 x 1.600

    and as an digi artist i wanna use max

    but thanks so far.

    btw. happy new year

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    Can you tell me how you are zooming and moving the background?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveRage View Post
    Can you tell me how you are zooming and moving the background?
    - i zoom in/ out with the "middle scroll wheel" on my mouse
    - moving the canvas while holding down the "right mouse trigger"

    here is a screenshot from Artrage's Ui that i use:

    i also did a test in my general Paint Program CorelDraw's: Photopaint: no lag no delay --> working smoove in here
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    I've tried a canvas at 3840 x 1600 with that image loaded as a tracing image to see what kind of performance I'm seeing and I haven't seen any slowdowns. The monitor I'm using is only 2560 x 1600 so that's one difference, but if you could try turning off full screen and using a smaller ArtRage window, then let us know if that makes the performance better, that would help us work out what's going on.

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