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Thread: Pen is acting as eraser all the time!

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    Question Pen is acting as eraser all the time!

    Hi all

    I got a Kamvas gt-191 v2 for Christmas. I wanted to try Artrage with it so I downloaded the demo version.

    Unfortunately the pen seems to only act as an eraser when I touch it to the screen! If I use the laptop's mousepad, the brushes and everything else work.

    The pen and tablet work as they should in Photoshop, so it must be an Artrage issue.

    Doesn anyone know how to fix this?

    Many thanks


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    We've had a few reports of this in the last few days. It sounds like the tablet driver is providing conflicting information to the two input standards ArtRage supports. Please try this:

    Go to the Edit Menu and open the Preferences Panel. In there, find the Input section and turn Use Wintab Off, and make sure Use Realtime Stylus is on. Click OK then restart ArtRage. If that does not help turn Use Wintab on and Use Realtime Stylus off, then click OK and restart ArtRage.

    If that still does not help please send an email to [email protected] with the problem and we can do some further troubleshooting.
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    Yep, that sorted it! Thank you so much

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