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Thread: Control Brush Barrel Rotation with a Volume Knob

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    Control Brush Barrel Rotation with a Volume Knob

    Hey everyone,
    So I am considering upgrading my Lite to Artrage 5. One feature I'd really love to have is control of brush rotation with something other than my Wacom Draw stylus, as it doesn't support barrel rotation or tilt. I've looked around and honestly it's not easy to find an answer!

    One solution I thought of was to buy a "inexpensive" volume knob for usb like the picture below, so I could spin it with my left hand to control brush angle. That would be so awesome and all it would take, is for the program to enable "volume up" and "volume down" as keys for rotating brush 1 deg to the CW or CCW respectively.

    Is this the right place to post such a request/inquiry? It seems so straightforward (and I think this method might even work in GIMP which lets you set shortcuts for brush rotation etc.) that I can't see why it wouldn't be implemented very soon. Is there any possibility of a workaround, like writing a plugin? I don't know how to write a plugin but sure would try if it was possible!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There isn't a way to externally control brush rotation in ArtRage at this time so unfortunately only barrel rotation or tilt angle of the stylus will affect it. If neither of those are available the brush auto-rotates to follow the stroke.
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