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Thread: stylus not working on ArtRage 5

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    stylus not working on ArtRage 5

    I have on my desktop two versions of ArtRage. One version is ArtRage Lite and the other is ArtRage 5.
    I know i upgraded my ArtRage Lite because I have the ArtRage 5 Icon on my MacBook tool bar.
    I used the ArtRage 5 and produced 15 drawings I printed on my Canon Pro 100.

    I can access either one, but when I go to use my stylus on ArtRage 5 using the Wacom Tablet the curser that show's up on my MacBook Air is stuck on the right side of the program and can only go up and down. I cain't get the stylus to work on the rest of the program like picking colors, tool, ect.
    However when I open the ArtRage Lite, the stylus lets me operate the entire program.

    I have;
    ArtRage Light Version 5.0.4 lite-64bit
    ArtRage 5 Version 5.05 64bit

    Note: I don't remember if I paid for the ArtRage 5 listed above, but I have it installed on my MackBook Air and I used it last year a lot with no problem.

    I noticed that their is a newer version of ArtRage 5. Do I need to pay for an upgrade in-order for my stylus pen to work when it was working just fine last year?


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    Hi there, I've replied to your support emails regarding this - you don't need to buy an upgrade as you already own ArtRage 5. Hopefully the steps I've provided in email will help us solve the problem for you.
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