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Thread: Ballerina

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    Looks great. Perhaps soften the bright white or the dust a little?

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    Nice work

    Quote Originally Posted by shasha View Post
    Hi All

    After some time away I am getting back into art, and again trying digital art. This is my third finished piece and it was a steep learning curve, I can't look at it without seeing the mistakes. I found blending particularly hard and gave up on the neckline working. I am here to improve and would love a constructive critique highlighting main areas to work on, and if possible any links to good online tutorials. Thank you
    Nice composition. I love the pose and dynamic of the background elements - I would even push those further with some more faint dusting trails for extra movement. I think the blending is fine, it looks natural but I do agree with you about the neck. The head looks a little awkward and the neck is rigid, detaching it from the rest of the form. I feel the right shoulder shoulder should sit back more. Maybe loose or soften the highlight under the chin to allow the head to sit down more too.

    One of my favourite tricks, that my art teacher taught me when I got stuck was to turn the painting upside down to allow you to look at it with fresh eyes. (Or in digital you can flip it side to side - ArtRage has a nifty little shortcut for this. Just press and hold "H" for a quick flip view)

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    I am going to try to give you what you asked for, Sasha. First, I think your palette choice is spot on. I love the face. I suck at the faces and generally I hate working people. I do not understand your composition. You have her placed dead center and the flurry over her head the texture below leaves me as a viewer with a feeling of ice skating so think about these things when composing your next canvas. That being said, still rocks. Great light, good color choice. The shoes are wigging me out. Now I could be wrong but if she is wearing points then there are wooden blocks in the points of the shoes which allow her to stand on her toes (still is a killer as I understand from my dancer friends) so and I may be totally wrong here but that position just looks impossible but ballerinas are known for doing the impossible and if you are working from a photo this may very well be but i have never seen that position in ballet before. Regarding anatomy, there is the head--it sits on top of a coat hanger and the rest of her hangs from that coat hanger so keep in mind gravity, pivot and opposite and equal reaction. Personally, I think you could teach us all a thing or two. nice work.

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