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Thread: Migrating custom content from windows to macOS?

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    Migrating custom content from windows to macOS?

    Hi everyone, your help on this would be greatly appreciated.
    I recently switched from windows to MacOS high Sierra.
    I have some custom contents like canvas and paper textures,
    as well as custom tool presets on art rage 5 windows.
    And some hotkey setups.
    Is it possible to transfer any of that to Mac OS?

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    Absolutely, the file formats are the same on both systems so all you need to do is copy the relevant files over to the appropriate place on the other system.

    Your custom contents are fairly easy to copy over:

    In ArtRage on both devices open the Tools menu and in the Browse Content Folders sub menu select 'Root Contents Folder'. That opens the folder in which ArtRage stores all custom content (and in the case of AR5, copies of its default installed content for you to use). Just copy the folders from inside that folder to the folder on the Mac and restart ArtRage.

    Copying preferences isn't a good idea because the prefs file contains some OS specific data but you can copy over shortcuts by opening the Keyboard Shortcuts panel and using the 'Export Shortcuts To File...' option from the menu button at the top right of the panel to export your shortcuts as a text file. Then go to the Mac and use the 'Load Shortcuts From File...' to open that exported file which installs the shortcuts. You will need to restart ArtRage for those to take effect.

    Hope that helps!
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