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Thread: Advice Needed on Digital Art Pen

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    Red face I will try

    Hi Spitfireix
    thanks for your recommends. And the time you spent for me to answere! I have noticed the pens of Wacon on the title-sheet of my ARV-Manual. I will check whether it works or not.
    And I read the complaints into the Coral-Painter-community.
    But before I bought Slim Pen 2 for Coral Painter I checked on Microsoft whether Coral painter would work on Surface Book 3. There was written: It will...
    Then I tried a Stylus Capacitive Pen RoHS, which was also announced for this device. But it did not work on Coral Painter but on all other pages, Apps, Office, every Mailserver I am using. And on my Samsung smart.
    I am registered customer of Microsoft and I contacted them via chat. The first operator did not know, somebody from Poland, she did not really get my problem but gave me a 'specialist' to whom I could explain what was going on:
    The surface of Coral painter does not recognise my Stylus, he claimed. And he recommended urgently Slim Pen 2, it would be the very suitable pen for Coral painter. The best Stylus ever.
    Now Microsoft got it back with my explanation. Because that is a problem of Microsoft! The Surface devices are younger than Coral Painter and ARV.
    My son was computer-operator in several big travel-platforms. He explained to me, that the big economic-digital like Microsoft/Apple e. g. -groups are very often not interested to support programs and platforms they are not really involved into. Then we have such lacks. Every is eager to cook its very special and own soup...So they force us, the customers/users to buy and use what they are supporting...
    We shall buy additional those devices which they destinated for e. g. painting.
    But before I bought Surface Book 3 I had several contacts with Microsoft, chats which device would be the most suitable for me. I asked all that what I wanted to do with it except buying by Amazon, eBay, banking and Mails and game I love like Blockudoku painting and other... Yes, yes. But in fact: No, no, no, because this ins a Windows-system and Android, iOS are complete different. Many important and useful Apps are only available for Android and iOS devices and not at all for Windows.
    Fortunately Coral Painter and ARV are available on all operating systems.
    They have to get the contracts, negotiations and contacts to make it possible for every user - or not.
    Concerning my megalith-iPad 12.5.5. I will no more receive a modern stylus. I am a fox, I search until I find or know. But it works with the plain capacitive-stylus' without any problem. It' just not very filigreed. In a few month I will buy a new iPad.
    And for this Surface I will try to get a Wacon. If it does not work, I sent it back. And write that into the Hub of Microsoft. And I will contact them.
    If I have problems with hard- or software from Microsoft they fix it whil I am sitting in front of the device here at my room. A ghost-hand is working in my PC. ��
    Look, they are able to get contact with all our devices. If I have technical problems, often after several trials it vanishes like a miracle hand was doing it.
    Kevin Stratvert on YouTube explained that in one of his clips.
    I now have "only" the learn how ARV works. Otherwise I can paint, if I take a look here around my room: here are about 100 brushes, a lot of colours for painting: several boxes of Water-colours, Oil (water based) Gouache, Tempera, many tools and special liquids, a lot of papers/canvas and many paints I created stored into folders, some on our walls. I even was teaching a class, class in a "Mittelschule" as a substitute for ill teachers for 2 years, I was the school-social-worker. But now I will and must learn this new kind of art.
    I have an important reason to do it now. But this is not the place to explain that.
    Tomorrow I will search here for a blocking issue which prevents me to get forward with the work on ARV here.
    It might be a mistake I did while preparing a paint?
    If I don't find I will contact Microsoft, they sold it to me. It might be a problem of them.
    Have a good night and successful created paints. Thanks for all.
    Yours LaFemmeDuLac
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
    Hello, Ragers. I upgraded my settings and now there are no downloads for my old wacom. Do you have any advice on an economical pen? It seems when a huge upgrade is needed, out goes the printer and the pen. Not so great for a retired person on a budget.
    you may download the brushes

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    Stylus - Pen

    recently I had a similar problem with my new Surface Book 3, when I wanted a "Stylus - Pen " in German: Eingabestift for ARV- though I can use the mouse or fingers, but that works clumsy.
    Even the Microsoft Slim Pen 2 did not work. Which I returned. It was expensive to.
    Then I searched in Amazon. There are many Stylus's Pens - Eingabestifte. Sometimes they are called "Kapazitive Stifte/pens"

    Also such which do not have a connection with the devices with gum, silicon-grids on the tips or silicon-discs.
    These last mentioned are great to type into smart and tablets/Pads for normal use.
    On my iPad I even use a cheap pen with silicon-disc for ARV-Painting, it works fine enough for me. The spare disc are available in Amazon in 10er packs, unbelievably cheap.
    But for my Surface Book 3:
    I ordered first any unknown Stylus which did not work as well and I returned it. Because I had not read carefully and not asked the seller
    But then I found a
    "Reinaisser; Rena Pencil" - Set, (the half-price of the Microsoft-Pen), light weight, fine silicon-tops, designed perfect for my hands, with 3 spare tips, USB-connection, Palm rejection.
    (which I do not need, I can turn the screen an have a kind of tablet, very convenient for ARV)
    Also if you do not with Amazon, you can make you informed about all these pens. There are so many. And for every device one needs a special.
    I saw also Wacon Stylus/Pens.
    For different edition different Pens (as far as I remember)
    But a lot only for iPad and Tablet.
    Rarely just for this special Surface Book 3, despite for any other Surfaces/Microsoft.
    This Rena Pencil works fine for me.
    There might also be some for the Wacon-Tablets.
    The summary: I had to study whether and which could be suitable and for a reasonable price for me. I needed hours.
    But it was it worth.
    I would make for you a screen-shot of the offer in Amazon. But I guess it is not allowed here to attache that.
    I hope this give you a hint where to search for a suitable pen.
    Kind regards

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