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Thread: Stylus for my old iPad 2

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    Stylus for my old iPad 2

    Hi all

    My first post on here so bear with me if this is an annoying question! But Iím looking for a stylus that is compatible with ArtRage and my old iPad 2 on iOS 9.3.5. Can anyone advise? Wacom suggested their Solo but it looks too thick for fine work. Thanks!

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    For the iPad 2 any standard capacitive stylus should work, these styluses are unpowered (so they don't use Bluetooth) and they work like a finger. Some Adonit or Wacom styluses may work with the iPad 2 but the newer ones will likely not due to changes in Bluetooth connectivity. I'd suggest checking the sites for Wacom and Adonit specifically if you are trying to find a stylus that supports pressure sensitivity on your device. ArtRage should work fine with any from those two companies that are supported by your device.
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