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    After watching a watercolour demo on Youtube I tried my hand with a digital watercolour based on the orginal image.

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    Oh God of homeless things, look down
    And try to ease the way
    Of all the little weary paws
    That walk the world

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    Better and better all the time. Very nice look.

    This is such a small nit picky thing it's hardly worth noting for this painting, but in future, I'm not quite sure about stamping the bird silhouettes all at the same angle. It seems a bit lazy (to me and most would probably never give it a moment's pause about it -- just for you). You might want to vary them in some way. Just looks like you had an afterthought to add interest so you popped in the birds. It works okay, but you may also want to handle them the same way as the rest of the watercolor -- looking a little uneven and washy with some translucent bits (can be achieved after the fact by erasing back with a light setting in spots) or you could just hand paint them in with slightly loose and puddly (hand done looking) bird shapes. It may be an issue in future paintings and having an extra little trick to unify the whole painting may come in handy. But it's really no big deal in this painting.

    I really like this one. It feels very direct and feature's the artist's hand which I think adds a level of appeal, especially with watercolor. I really like the puddling of the pigment. Nice touch!

    Go Enug!
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    I like the texture in your watercolour, especially in the sky. Nice effect!
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    Hi June. Looks like. He,s just eaton and like me looking for a place to sleep. . CIAO. SLAINTE

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