I work with an iMac, version 10.7 and Wacom stylus.
I have started creating a personal toolbox just to work in watercolors mode.
The file size is 32 x 19 cm with a resolution of 150 PPP.
I selected a watercolor paper for the background. Then I started painting the sky with the basic watercolor brushes and blending them with the Palettes Knifes.
Next I painted the sea similar to the sky but adding more spots.
Finally I painted the sand trying to make it stained. During all these processes I increased and decreased the size of the brushes using the "shift" + drag right or left. I did touch-ups in the three tonal and saturation zones.
Then I created another layer where I drew the figure using the Thin Preciser Liner, the Pencil B and the Thick Heavy Brushes 001. With the Hard Eraser 2 I was diluting areas of the line and fine-tuning its thickness.
With the watercolor brushes and the Palettes Knife I gave a little volume to the figure trying to maintain transparency.
During the whole process I was saving the file as PSD to keep the layers. Finally I joined them and saved as TIF.
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