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Thread: No selection tool, disappointed

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    No selection tool, disappointed

    In the Android version, all I think is really missing so I can use this program instead of another (sketchbook) is the selection tool.
    latest News I got here is from 2014 witch admin says it should be implemented later because the performance of a tablet does not allow it.

    it's 2018, a Samsung Galaxy tab S3 is so powerful.

    I would really like to use Artrage since I got used to it very much, but since this useful tool is missing I have to change application for drawing.

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    Hi there, I think we replied to your email query about this earlier today.

    Selection is something that we're still considering for the future but at this point it's not something we're actively working on in the mobile app. Sorry I couldn't give you any specific information.

    One note: When you signed up for the forums you entered your email address as a forum username. This is publicly viewable when you post so we have changed it to Naomi.tattooart. If you want to use the forums you can log in using this new username and your existing password.

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    selections would be very nice to have...

    maybe mobile apps must be kept lean; if I would ask for one and only one thing for iOS ArtRage, selections would be that one thing.

    that’s my 2 piasters

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