I'm finding it a little awkward making subtle adjustments to the brush color. i am using desktop mode at 2560 x 1440 res and i find both the sliders and the square color selector to be too small to reliably make subtle adjustments to color. i hate selecting the number and typing it in manually which I find very awkward time consuming and detracts from the organic painting process.

I absolutely want to keep desktop mode, and the current resolution and since the widgets no longer can be resized I must conclude that using sliders or selectors of suitable size for subtle adjustments is simply impossible.

I would request that some other method for subtle adjustments be provided until scaling of panels is reintroduced.

I can think of two possible solutions although there may be others...
1. Increment and decrement buttons on either side of each slider. this would allow fine incremental control of r g b h s l with the stylus... no worries about resolution or typing.
2. current brush color adjustments via bindable hotkeys.. r g b and h s l increment. and decrement (by a set delta) separately bindable to key presses... while painting with a color one can interactively tweak the color without having to even use the color picker .. being able to control one unit at a time would allow maximum control of subtle color changes

Anywho, with high res monitors and tablets becoming standard it would help if easy and intuitive subtle color adjustment were possible!