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Thread: Just purchased - entering the serial #?

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    Just purchased - entering the serial #?


    Artrage 5 (Demo to purchased version)

    Mac OS 10.13.6

    Quick question - I downloaded the demo version of the software - loved it. Got a few hours into a painting and thought it all worth the price - so purchased.

    Problem - how do I enter the serial# without closing out the software? If I do, I assume I lose the painting (the demo version doesn't let you save) and I'd rather not dump those hours of work.

    Thanks for your thoughtful responses.


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    Hi there,

    The demo version doesn't contain the ability to accept an ArtRage serial number. When you purchase ArtRage, the online store sends you an email with the ArtRage serial number and a download link for the full version.
    While there's no way to save in the demo, you could potentially copy the contents of your layers to the full version as a way to get the painting across.

    1/ Make sure you have installed the full version of ArtRage via the download link in your purchase email.
    2/ Leaving the demo open, launch the full version of ArtRage which will prompt you for your serial number.
    3/ After entering the serial number in the full version, you can copy the contents of each layer from the Demo version.

    -Select the layer you want to copy in the Layer Panel
    -Go to Edit -> Copy to copy everything on the current layer
    -In the full version, create a painting of the same size as the one you were working on in the demo then go to Edit -> Paste to paste this content into your new painting. Repeating this for each layer should result in a matching painting.

    I hope this helps, but if you have any problems or questions please email me directly at [email protected] and I'll be glad to assist further.
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    Youre an absolute star!

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