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Thread: recording arscript

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    recording arscript

    HI, I've never done a recording before, but I thought it might be cool to try one and run it on a computer during my art show reception. I recorded the script ok, but now I want to speed it up more in iMovie. Is that possible. I saved it with speed up checked, but I'd still like it faster.

    Also, how do you post it to Youtube? I can't imagine it takes the arscript format. Can I edit it in iMovie and then upload to Youtube?


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    Hi Elaine,

    The only way I have worked this out is to use QuickTime to do a screen recording of your script playing back in ArtRage. Then you can save your screen recording as a movie file (mov) and import it into iMovie.

    Of course, once in IMovie you can edit, speed it up, optimise and upload it to YouTube etc.

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    Red face

    Thank you! I didn't think of that! That is perfect, because I want to have some paintings running as a slide show as well. So I can set this up that it shows some work, then goes into the "self painting" portion, then some more paintings and then loop. This will run continuously in a conference room where a few paintings are hung.

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