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Thread: Layer "popup" box started appearing on desktop

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    Question Layer "popup" box started appearing on desktop

    I'm using a Cintiq and have always had all my panels (and related popup boxes) display on the Cintiq screen, no problem.

    Recently my popup panel has been appearing on my desktop instead of my Cintiq, meaning I have to put down my stylus and use my mouse to select the options. A cumbersome workaround is to use drop downs, (Select Layer, then from menu bar Tools>LayerOptions>Blend Mode>Multiply) but I'm using it professionally so would REALLY like it to be efficient again.

    Maybe a bug since my most recent update (June 25/18)?

    Thanks for any advice on moving my popup back onto my Cintiq screen.

    Artrage 5.0.7
    Mac OS 10.12.6

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    Sorry to hear about the problem - Could you get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can do some troubleshooting, I know I've done some work on something related to this previously and I thought it was fixed so I need to get a few details and we can look in to it further.

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