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Thread: Can photos be turned into coloring pages?

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    Can photos be turned into coloring pages?

    I hope someone can help me. I have photos of my cat, and I would like to turn these photos into adult coloring book images. Is this possible? I have tried tracing them but it takes forever and I loose so much of the detail.

    Thank you for any help

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    hello there
    One way could be to turn the pic into a stencil. save the file in PNG and (if in art5) go into "stencils" and load stencil (find the file you have saved as PNG). but before you have to remove the background color (make it transparent). Once the stencil is loaded? you can try in "ruler' mode or "liniar" mode on the stencil. I hope i made sense here and you could understand it?

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    Rondo could well be right.

    Just so we're clear, you're talking about basically a white page with a black outline describing the shapes you will color to? I'll answer as if the answer is yes.

    Experience has shown me getting a computer to separate things and make outlines is rarely perfect. At some point you are going to need to clean up some lines and complete shapes where the line disappears, not to mention choosing what needs to be in and what isn't working. So no, you probably cannot just press a button and have a perfect outline of a cat from a photo. But you can putter around with filters and such and see how far it can take you and trace and edit from that.

    Much depends on the clarity of your source photo. If the values are close it's going to confuse the computer which will likely be looking for contrast to know there's something there to keep. But it's a stupid machine and can not think like a human. The things it sees will be based on identifying numbers in the pixels in the source photo. It won't see a cat.

    It's really worth it to take your drawing skills up a notch and if you're tracing it's not going to be long before you're doing everything you want with ease. Once you have that, it will save you so much headache.
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