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Thread: Lost Settings after a crash.

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    Lost Settings after a crash.

    V5.0.8 - 64bits Windows 7


    I just had a computer crash, never seen anything like this, pretty mutch the whole thing shutted down after a while, sending me messages about "not enough memory..." ( I had only google chrome open ) and things like that before going into black screen.
    I was begining to paint something on Artrage5, this happend right when I loaded my save ( a very tiny painting ) and started using my pen. Artrage sent me a message saying I will lose my settings because it couldn't save them.

    So after a computer restart, I lost all settings indeed. Is there a way to find the old settings file and restore it ? If not, can I back up the new one ?

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    Uh. So contrary to what I first tought, all my keybinds were still there. I only had to tweak the general settings and go back to "lights off" display. Phew.
    Most of my stuff is hosted there :

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    Glad to hear you didn't lose your keybinds!

    If you want to back up your configuration files, Artrage saves its settings in a file called ArtRage5.prs and its keyboard shortcuts in a file called currentshortcuts.sck.

    If ArtRage has a problem saving its settings file, this is separate to your keyboard shortcuts which are only updated when you change a shortcut and save it, but backing up these files will give you another copy of that data.

    You can locate these files on Windows 7 by opening the application data folder ( Windows key + R, then enter 'appdata' ), then Roaming, Ambient Design, ArtRage

    It's hard to say what caused the initial problem, while it sounds like an application or background process may have been using up an extremely large amount of memory. It may be worthwhile checking how much free hard drive space you have, just to ensure that's not an issue.

    If you have a similar problem again, assuming it's memory related, see if you can open the Windows Task Manager, you can go to the Processes tab then order by memory usage. That may give an indication of which applications are using a lot of resources at the time.

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