There really needs to be a duplicate stencil option. No I dont mean just saving you the steps of opening up the stencil UI and finding your stencil. I mean exactly duplicating everything about the "source" stencil current size, angle, location.. everything.

I use stencils A LOT. And often I need more than one stencil to be sized exactly the same (say I want 2 or more circles all around the page, but want them to be exactly the same size) or maybe I need the center point of 2 stencils to match up exactly and then resize and invert one of them to easily and quickly create a rim of that shape. Currently all I can do is eyeball it. Having the option to duplicate a stencil would remedy much of this.

Another feature request would be a way to center 2 differing stencils with each other as well. Those little green push pins at the centers of stencils and the unsteadiness of the human hand aren't exactly the most friendly when you are trying to be extremely precise with placement