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Thread: [issue] Missing data?

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    Exclamation [issue] Missing data?

    I was working on a project and I had a couple of saves over the course of working on it. Including one right before I decided to finally let my tablet restart for an update.
    However when I got everything back up and running the artrage file I created is entirely blank for me. Is there any way to recover it? Is it somehow still hidden inside the file?

    Version: Art Rage 5 5. 05 64bit
    OP: Windows 10 pro 64bit
    I would link the file bit it says that .ptg is an invalid file type to attach.

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    Hello tiedfox,
    I confess that doesn’t sound good
    So some things to try;
    How big dose the broken file say it is? Dose the size seem correct or way to small? If way too small it may not contain any usable data.

    Dose it show a thumbnail image of your painting?
    If yes then a full size version of this image may be recoverable as the first thing AR dose when saving a file is to generate a full-size single layer image of the file contents.
    To recover this image first launch AR.
    Once AR is running go to File > Import image File… and navigate to the damaged file and choose it.

    If that fails or indeed even if it works the other thing to do is open the last saved version of your painting that was made by AR itself if you were using it’s builtin backup feature if you had turnd it on before commencing your painting.
    If you are not aware of this feature, you can find it in AR Preferences > Advanced Preferences > Store Backup Files. Enter a number between 1 & 20 or move the slider for the number of backups AR should maintain before deleting the oldest backup. Backups will always be saved to the same location as the file generating them. You only need to turn this feature on once and then it will always be there for you in the background.

    If you hadn’t turned on that feature before painting then your last chance is if you have any system wide backups you could look in for the last version of your painting.

    I hope you can get something back, I wish you good fortune.
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    Thank you very much for the response!
    Unfortunately for me it does look like I lost everything. The filesize is small and no thumbnail present.

    Thank you for the info about the backup storage! Hopefully now that its on if I have something like this happen again I'll have at least some backups to pull up.

    Starting entirely over does indeed suck but at least I learned something.

    Thanks again, Markw

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    Sorry to hear that the file isn't recoverable. There is something else worth checking:

    When you save a painting in ArtRage 5, it first renames the original file, then saves the latest version completely before deleting the renamed file.

    So, if you had a crash during saving, or ArtRage was forced to close by something else during saving, check in the same folder for a file with the same name as your painting with _old or _tmp appended to it. If either of these exist, the _old version of the file should be the same as it was prior to your last save, the _tmp version would be ( if the save completed before the problem occurred ) the latest version of the painting.

    I hope this is of some help.

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