I've been using AR for a little while but have recently added the ipad into the workflow (not sure if that's relevant). I had problems with ptg files growing too large so after sniffing round on the web I investigated creating the separate elements in their own files, merging the layers then bringing them together in in a base canvas.The canvas size is pretty small 1920x1080 and the elements are less that a 1/3 of that size.

The individual files are maybe 5 Mb or 20Mb but when I add them, by using copy and paste from one ptg image to another the saved file size is over a Gb. This sounds crazy to me for a 3 layered image of this size.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? I did want the print / canvas size to be larger originally but scaled back my ideas after repeated machine crashes due to crazy file sizes of several Gb.

Any help or suggestions gratefully received. I'm using AR lite on a 2015 Macbook pro 8Gb.