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Thread: will better graphics card affect artrage performance?

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    will better graphics card affect artrage performance?

    I have a 2009 mac pro, 16gb RAM which runs artrage just fine. Some operations and brushes are slow because of the calcs being thrown at the computer.

    will a better graphics card improve this? does artrage exploit better graphics cards?

    thank you

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    Hello scribblecat and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    At present AR is primarily CPU intensive when making itís calculations so fitting an expensive GPU wonít gain you much if anything and probably isnít worth the cost just for ArtRage.

    Generally for getting the best performance out of AR I would say:
    1: Fast multi-core CPU
    2: Fast RAM cards
    3: PCIe SSD

    The only other possible reason to up the GPU might be if you are running multiple large hi-res screens simultaneously. But this is something more common in video editing.
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    thank you, markw

    this is a huge help. I assumed the calcs needed to draw certain brushes would go faster with a better card..good to know my mac is doing it as fast as it need to drop $175 if you don’t have to.



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